Blue Shield to assist in NATO Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018

Blue Shield to assist in NATO Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018

Blue Shield International has been formally invited by NATO to attend Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018. “The Exercise involves the planning and execution of crisis response operations in the context of a NATO Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operation using a fictitious scenario.”

NATO note:
Blue Shield are world leaders in the field of Cultural Property Protection….The mission of all involved with Blue Shield is to work for the protection of the world’s cultural heritage.

Their involvement in the exercise is critical to bring the legal and procedural obligations of NATO to the attention of the training audiences in regard to cultural property. Their involvement will also operationalize the issue of cultural property protection for the training audience.

Blue Shield’s involvement is also endorsed through the SAGE 18: (Page 13/14, Para 9, g)
“Also, CIMIC & CMI will continue to develop cooperation and engagement with the United Nations, European Union and OSCE which will be an element that should be continuously reinforced through NATO exercises. ETEE will be used to enhance core functions and understanding in cross-cutting areas such as, but not limited to, Protection of Civilians (PoC), Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC), Cultural Property Protection (CPP) and Building Integrity (BI).

Blue Shield International look forward to supporting NATO in exercising their cultural property protection capability. They will be attending exercise scripting in 2017 and 2018, and attending the exercise itself in summer 2018.

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