Are you looking for support from Blue Shield for your work, activity, or project? This page sets out the process, and provides a link to the form you should complete.

Is your activity of interest to a Blue Shield national committee, as well as Blue Shield International? Check if a Blue Shield national committee already exists in your country.

Look at our page Around the Globe.

If a national committee exists in your country please contact them directly using the details on that page to see if they are interested in / able to support your activity.  If no national committee exists, or you think the activity/project would also be relevant to Blue Shield International then please complete the Patronage Request Form.

Patronage Process

(Please use English to complete your application unless otherwise agreed with the Secretariat. Completion in languages other than English may lead to a delay in processing your application.)

  1. Please complete the form with as much detail about your proposed project or activity as possible. Be very clear how it is related to the goals and activities of the Blue Shield, and why the project/activity will be of interest or benefit to the Blue Shield.
  2. If you wish to attach additional information, please feel free. However, you must reference any additional documents in the form to indicate how and why they are relevant.
  3. Once complete, send the completed form (and any referenced attachments) to the Blue Shield Secretariat at
    international (@)
  4. The secretariat will confirm receipt of the documents, and will review the form and any referenced attachments. They may ask you for more details to support your request.
  5. Your application, together with any additional information, will then be passed to the Board for review. The Board meets (virtually) every second month. You may be asked to attend a Board meeting to present your project. Please be aware that the dates and times of Board meetings are set at the start of each year, and cannot be changed.
  6. The Board may ask for more information in person during the meeting, or via a follow-up email. If the information provided does not answer all of the Board’s questions, the Board may defer a decision to a later meeting while further information is provided.
  7. If your request is approved, you will be appointed a liaison from the Board to assist coordination with the Blue Shield.