Prophet Jonah’s Grave Destroyed, Iraq
Earthquake damages landmark in Kathmandu, Nepal
ISIS Uses Church as Training Center, Iraq
Fire at Prince Belosselsky-Belozersky Palace, St. Petersburg
Flooding in St. Marcus Square, Venice
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What is the Blue Shield? Who is in it? How does it protect cultural property in crisis and conflict? Read why the Blue Shield is needed.

Blue Shield has sent missions into countries in conflict, or experiencing disasters, to conduct damage assessments and offer assistance.

See where Blue Shield has already a local committee or be invited to establish your own local committee together with Blue Shield International.

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Help protect the world’s cultural heritage

Your support is vital in enabling us to fulfill our mission to safeguard cultural heritage throughout the world in peacetime, during conflict and natural disasters. 


Are you considering creating a national committee? The Application Pack explains the roles and responsibilities of national committees, the rights of each committee, and the process that must be followed, as well as links to all the documents needed.

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