Safeguarding success with training and awareness raising

Safeguarding success with training and awareness raising

Standing banner with activities of Blue Shield Belgium in small photos

Blue Shield Belgium and France have been successful in emergency planning and awareness raising.

Blue Shield Belgium visited Ciney for a discussion with the officers of the Dinaphi safety zone, where they discussed, among other things, about standardised evacuation units and the importance of targeted training and exercises for the protection and evacuation of heritage in emergencies. BS Belgium were also invited to Hasselt by the provincial security cell. The various actions and operations of BSB were succinctly presented to the Governor and his Emergency Planning and Crisis Management Limburg service.

They also held an awareness expo in Rance – the exhibition was open to the public from February 24 to March 23 at Musée du Marbre.

This is an area Blue Shield France have also been active in, supporting the training of SIDS 34 firefighters at St-Pierre Cathedral in Montpellier.

In addition to their training, they co-hosted a conference with the SCDI of Montpellier on the theme of Cultural Property Protection Plan (PSBC), an essential step to deal with accidents that can affect heritage. Valérie Luquet spoke at the event, and demonstrated her playmobile training set.


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