New board member Blue Shield Netherlands

New board member Blue Shield Netherlands

Person in military uniform standing outside a bunker with three blue shields over the door
Captain Ankie Peterson outside an art storage bunker

A warm welcome to Ankie Petersen!

Ankie is the new representative of ICOMOS on our board.
Some of you might already know her but for those who don’t:

Ankie works as a Staff Officer Cultural Property Protection (rank: Captain) in the Royal Dutch Armed Forces. She works at Section Cultural Affairs and Information, part of the 1 Civil-Military Cooperation Command (1CMIco) in the city of Apeldoorn. Here, she leads and coordinates efforts to implement CPP within the Dutch Armed Forces, including designing training programs and tools for the military, projects for the implementation of CPP in military planning processes, and engaging in civil-military collaboration projects for the advancement of CPP and the implementation of the 1954 Hague Convention on both a national and international stage.

Aside from her military job, she runs a cultural heritage foundation focused on religious heritage management and community engagement in the Netherlands.

For her efforts in the Dutch cultural heritage field Ankie was awarded the 2021 Monument Talent Prize by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, a national prize for young professionals in the sector.

Having read this, you understand we are very happy to welcome her in the Blue Shield family!

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