Recent conflicts have shown that many countries are caught unprepared when armed conflicts and environmental disasters occur. The Blue Shield network is committed to building capacity to enable countries to meet their obligations under the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its Protocols. The Convention requires countries to carry out preparations in peacetime to prepare for the possibility of armed conflict, such as:

  • identifying key cultural property and preparing inventories (including nominating property in the Special and Enhanced categories of protection);
  • preparing emergency refuges;
  • designating competent authorities, including within the armed forces, as responsible for the safeguarding of cultural property, and training them appropriately;
  • planning emergency measures for the protection of cultural property; and preparing for the removal of movable cultural property or the provision of adequate in situ protection of such property.

Blue Shield International (BSI) offers training to the heritage sector and armed forces, ideally in combination. Our courses are custom designed to meet identified training needs. Needs can include: approaches to cultural property protection; an introduction to international cultural property law; the laws of armed conflict; and risk management techniques. In addition, we also offer training, advice, and assistance in the preparation of inventories.

Read more about the 1954 Hague Convention in our Law Library.

Building on the work of organisations such as ICCROM and ICOM, BSI facilitates training for heritage managers to assist them in conducting both peacetime preparations and emergency measures should armed conflict, natural, or human-made disaster occur.

If you are interested in talking to us about or requesting training, please contact us.

Alternatively, many of our national committees also offer training courses: if you have a national committee, you can find their contact details on our map of national committees.

Read more about our military training and awareness raising …

Beirut Training on 1954 Hague Convention with LAF

LAF and the DGA receive their Certificates as part of the Training Workshop On Implementing The 1954 Hague Convention And Its Two Protocols, organised by UNESCO Regional Office-Beirut In collaboration with the UNESCO Regional Office –Beirut, BSI led a two-day training on Implementing the 1954 Hague Convention and its two Protocols with the Lebanese Armed [...]

BSI Supports OSCE/MPSOTC CPP Course 2021

Participants at the OSCE training in Greece 2021 ©OSCE/MPSOTC The easing of travel restrictions has finally made it possible to participate in person in training courses, seminars and other CPP events again. This welcome move meant that Professor Peter Stone, President of Blue Shield International and UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace at [...]

CPP Expertise Exchange with the Honduran Army

Participants at the CPP Expertise Exchange © Joint Task Force Bravo Public Affairs Office From 22 - 27 August 2021, Dr Michael Delacruz, representing Blue Shield International (BSI), supported Joint Task Force Bravo (JTF-B) of US Southern Command in conducting a Cultural Heritage Protection (CHP) Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) in conjunction with the Instituto [...]

BSI supports CPP on NATO Exercise Loyal Leda 2020

Blue Shield International (BSI) was invited to support NATO Exercise Loyal Leda 2020 (LOLE20), a Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation scheduled exercise to train and evaluate the Combat Readiness certification of HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) as a warfighting Corps Headquarters. BSI took part in its capacity as a cultural property protection (CPP) expert [...]

Blue Shield Emergency Response in Beirut

UNIFIL working with Blue Shield to secure the registered historic Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, Beirut, after the catastrophic explosion on 4 August. Following the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, on 4th August 2020 Blue Shield Lebanon and partners have been working round the clock to compile a preliminary assessment of the damage, completing a [...]

BSI signs MoU with UNIFIL Deployment

Karl von Habsburg, former President of BSI, and Peter Stone, current President of BSI, sign an MoU with Stefano Del Col, Head of Mission Force Commander, UNIFIL, 27 October 2020. © UNIFIL On Tuesday 27 October, 2020, Blue Shield International signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UNIFIL - The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. [...]

BSI Supports MPSOTC/OSCE CPP Pilot Course

Course photo from the MPSOTC website. In his first activity as President, Peter Stone supported the Greek MPSOTC / Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe pilot Cultural Property Protection course. The course, which took place online over one week, aimed to provide the participants with knowledge and practical skills to be capable to address [...]

NATO & BSI sign Letter of Intent for CPP

NATO And Blue Shield Sign Letter of Intent for Cultural Property Protection Recognising their vital relationship, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), of NATO, and the Blue Shield, have established and signed a Letter of Intent to foster further cooperation in Cultural Property Protection (CPP). Both parties will encourage cooperation activities to promote cooperation through: [...]

Coping With Culture 2019 – Centres Containing Monuments Workshop

Attendees at the Coping with Culture 2019 CPP Workshop, run by BSI. Attendees are at the Visitors Centre for the Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus World Heritage Centre. © Alette Smith, 2019 After eight successful conferences, the Command and Staff College of the German Armed Forces (host), Engagement Global and the Centre for Leadership [...]

BS Ireland and BSI train Irish Peacekeepers in CPP

Attendees at the Irish Defence Force Cultural Property Protection training visiting the Military Archive. © Irish National Committee of the Blue Shield, 2019 Blue Shield Ireland and Blue Shield International co-organised and delivered a three day training course in Dublin on cultural property protection for Peacekeepers to the Irish Defence Forces with a member of [...]

BSI supports CPP training on NATO Trident Jackal 2019

Caption: BSI staff support CPP training on NATO Trident Jackal 2019, roleplaying as the Ministry of Culture to discuss cultural property protection with J9 CIMIC staff at NRDC-Spain. © BSI October 2019 Blue Shield staff provided cultural property protection mentoring and training on NATO exercise Trident Jackal 2019 with NATO HQ NRDC-Spain. "Trident Jackal (TRJA19) [...]

BSI attends NATO ARRCADE Globe

Dr Emma Cunliffe attends ARRCADE Globe 2019 at Sennelager, Germany, July 2019 ©Reproduced with kind permission from ARRC Public Affairs Office BSI was delighted to visit NATO exercise ARRCADE GLOBE - a specialist cartographic training exercise for NATO’s military map makers in Sennelager. The event was organised by the UK-based NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps [...]

Cultural Property Protection (CPP) Exercise Support Workshop

Dr Paul Fox gives the opening introduction at the CPP exercise planning workshop, 13 June 2019. © BSI 2019   On 13-14 June, BSI ran a highly successful Cultural Property Protection (CPP) Exercise Support Workshop in London. Aim The aim of the workshop was to share perspectives on designing and delivering CPP civil-military exercise content, [...]

BSI speaking at Maxwell Air Force Base

Air University’s Air Force Culture and Language Center hosted the fourth Annual Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Symposium on March 27 – 29. More than 300 attendees joined the event: this year’s theme was ‘inter(culture) operability: how to enhance alliances and engage with new partners’. Dr Paul Fox from Blue Shield International was formally invited [...]

BSI support to DORR 2019

Exercise DORR 19 was a multi-level Deployable Forces (DF) exercise that aimed to train the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) as a deployed CIMIC group. The command post exercise focused on both planning and deployment from 18 – 22 March 2019, at Motta di Livenza. Dr Paul Fox attended to provide support to the MNCG in [...]

BSI staff support NATO planning exercise in HQ ARRC

Plaques showing some of the potential actors in a fictitious conflict scenario at NATO HQ ARRC, including the Blue Shield alongside other humanitarian actors. 5 March 2019 @BSI, 2019 Blue Shield International staff attended two days of a NATO planning exercise at the HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) in Gloucester, training staff from [...]

BSI provides CPP support for NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece

Dr Paul Fox receives a certificate attendance for the Headquarters NATO National Rapid Deployable Corps Greece CMI-CIMIC seminar in Thessaloniki on Protection of Civilians. © Blue Shield International 2019 Dr Paul Fox recently participated in the Headquarters NATO National Rapid Deployable Corps Greece CMI-CIMIC seminar in Thessaloniki. The event enabled a detailed analysis of the recently approved [...]

CPP features prominently at Coping with Culture Conference

Caption: Cpt Alette Smith, US Air Force, presents her syndicate findings to the attendees. © Blue Shield International, 2018. CPP played a major role in the annual Coping with Culture conference in Vienna, organised by the Bundeswehr’s Centre for Inner leadership and the Austrian National Defence Academy. Brigadier Dr Wolfgang Pelschel, Chief Editor, Austrian National Defence Academy [...]

BSI staff recognised by NATO for event contributions

Caption: Dr Fox speaking on the 1954 Hague Convention at the NATO CIMIC Event, Ulm, November 2018.© Blue Shield International, 2018.  On 05-08 November, Blue Shield International attended the Civil Military Interaction Symposium in Ulm, organised by NATO Multinational Joint Headquarters (MNJHQ) Ulm - an invitation we were delighted to accept. The symposium allowed those [...]

Blue Shield International supports training in Georgia with UNESCO

Blue Shield International are pleased to have supported the PROTECTION OF CULTURAL PROPERTY IN TIMES OF ARMED CONFLICT WORKSHOP FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL Tbilisi, 25-26 September 2018 Blue Shield spoke about: The protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict: state party obligations and expectations under the 1954 Hague Convention This session introduced the [...]

New BSI Report: Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018

BSI is pleased to release our report on attending Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018. (Learn more about TRJR18 in our previous blog post) Executive Summary: In late 2017 NATO invited Blue Shield International (BSI) to participate in Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018 alongside other NGOs. This was a first for BSI, reflecting both NATO’s emerging institutional commitment [...]

BSI invited to speak at 11th CIMIC Units Commanders’ Conference

Blue Shield International were proud to be invited to speak by NATO J9 SHAPE at the 11th edition of the CIMIC Units Commanders' Conference in Venice, Italy. The CIMIC event was organised by the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) of Motta di Livenza on the delegation of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), and held [...]

Blue Shield to assist in NATO Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018

Blue Shield International has been formally invited by NATO to attend Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018. “The Exercise involves the planning and execution of crisis response operations in the context of a NATO Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operation using a fictitious scenario.” NATO note: “Blue Shield are world leaders in the field of Cultural Property Protection….The [...]