Welcome to the new Blue Shield Board 2023!

Welcome to the new Blue Shield Board 2023!

Composite headshots of 9 people (5 women and 4 men of various ages and ethnicities).
BSI Board 2023-2026. Clockwise left to right: Peter G. Stone; Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly; Medea Ekner; Hamady Gaye; Emilie Gagnet Leumas; Anna Puhr; Sharon Memis; Klaus Weschenfelder; Michał Wosiński.

Welcome to the new Board!

Following our General Assembly on Wednesday 31 May, Blue Shield is delighted to welcome its new Board members.

Professor Peter Stone was re-elected to the position of President.

From the National Committees,

  • Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly was elected from the the Lebanese Committee of the Blue Shield
  • Hamady Gaye, from the Senegalese Blue Shield Committee, was re-elected for a second term
  • Anna Puhr, from the Austrian Committee of the Blue Shield was elected, and
  • Klaus Weschenfelder, from the German Blue Shield Committee, was re-elected for a second term.

The founding four organisation have nominated the following representatives:

  • ICA will be represented by Emilie Gagnet Leumas, Chair of the ICA Expert Group on Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
  • ICOM will be represented by Medea Ekner, ICOM’s Director-General (Interim)
  • ICOMOS will be represented by Michał Wosiński, an expert member of ICOMOS ICLAFI – International Scientific Committee on Legal Administrative and Financial Issues, and heritage expert.
  • IFLA will be represented by Sharon Memis, Secretary General and CEO of IFLA.

We are delighted to welcome them to the new Board – you can read more about their backgrounds if you would like to Meet the Board.

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