National Committees have global impact in 2022: Report Available

National Committees have global impact in 2022: Report Available

Blue Shield International report on national committee activities in 2022 available now.
map of the world with blue shields indicating the 30 committees: there are more than 30 blue shields as the Pacific committee includes multiple countries

At the end of 202, the Blue Shield Movement had 30 accredited National Committees (NCs) around the world, with more in formation, and in January 2023 we were delighted to welcome Croatia.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact work and income, National Committees remain actively involved in cultural property protection (CPP) in all of Blue Shield’s six core areas of activity: Proactive protection and risk preparedness; Emergency response; Stabilisation, post-disaster recovery, and long-term/ongoing support activities; Legal compliance, policy, and their implementation; Capacity building activities, and education and training in support of Blue Shield’s Areas of Activity; and Coordination – of Blue Shield members and with partner organisations.

Although funding remains a challenge for many, Blue Shield Committee are working well together and developing strong networks – nationally and internationally. Hundreds have been trained in courses and workshops on managing and protecting cultural property in conflict and crisis, demonstrating our global reach. Committee expertise is recognised in academic contributions (many open access – links in the report),  and invitations to speak. Military partnerships are increasing, and research and action to prevent illicit trafficking remains a core focus – often in partnership with the Blue Shield International Countering Trafficking Working Group. Recognising the growing challenges to cultural heritage of all forms, some are continuing or expanding their work beyond the tangible to include intangible heritage, and developing workstreams on climate change. 

Congratulations to all our national committees on a successful 2022.

Highlights include:


2022 – National Committee News


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