Coordination critical to safeguarding in Belgium

Coordination critical to safeguarding in Belgium

Blue Shield Belgium visited the Castle of Freÿr in December 2023 for a site visit according to the PSBC the safeguarding and protection plan of cultural property, together with the firefighters of the Dinaphi Rescue Zone.

In November, members took part in the study day organised by the UVCW (Union of Cities and Municipalities of Wallonia) and entitled “Management of crisis and resilience of territories”. Their contribution emphasized the importance of safeguarding heritage and the critical need for the organization of evacuation exercises, conducted together with emergency responders. 

This follows successful involvement in regional emergency planning exercises in Walloon, where cultural heritage was factored in as a key component. Working in partnership is a key ethical foundation of the Blue Shield Movement, embodied in our Strasbourg Charter of 2001.

When crises occur, such situations require not only strong leadership to achieve effective outcomes, but significant pre-planning to assess possible risks and threats and plan for them as far as possible, to minimise the chances of unexpected events resulting in the loss of cultural heritage. In cultural property protection, that means a multi-sectoral approach is essential. This approach is critical to the work of the Blue Shield Movement

Man in high vis with the Blue shield logo stands with 2 other men in a historic room
Blue Shield Belgium support emergency planning at the Castle of Freÿr, December 2023 © Blue Shield Belgium

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