BS Iceland highlight cultural protection

BS Iceland highlight cultural protection

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Nathalie Jacqueminet and Heiðar Lind Hansson after the interview in Iceland's Channel 1's studio.

On 5 May, Blue Shield Iceland hosted a symposium entitled “Protection of cultural heritage: shared responsibility” the National Archives. About 100 people watched it both on site and in the web stream online. Eight diverse presentations were made, along with key note speeches that dealt in one way or another with measures for the preparation and protection of cultural heritage, as well as discussing experiences of response measures and reporting on the status of these issues in Iceland.

Heiðar Lind Hansson, chairman of the Blue Shield National Committee, and Nathalie Jacqueminet, a pioneer in the committee’s work and a current committee member, were also guests of the Morning Watch on Iceland’s Channel 1. There they discussed the work of the Blue Shield and the need to pay close attention to the preservation and protection of cultural values.

You can listen to the interview online (in Icelandic)


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