BS Australia and collections care

BS Australia and collections care

Disaster Preparedness and our Cultural Heritage and Collections

Poster for International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

BS Australia held two, halfday workshops on the 13th October, to mark this year’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. 

The goal of the workshops was raising awareness of disaster preparedness and response for heritage collections including digitisation and digital collections. As explained in the event brief, the workshops were designed to raise awareness in the cultural heritage community about steps to take to ensure collections are cared for into the future. With the 2022/2023 Australian disaster season approaching, “it is timely to reflect and look at what we can practically put in place to safe guard our collections into the future” the event brief explained. 

The workshops offered advice on decision making frameworks and techniques, including grants to protect heritage collections and increasing awareness of cultural heritage networks. Workshops also focussed on the benefits of assessing the significance of collections and how to digitise collections.

See here for programme speakers and workshop details. 


The workshops were run in partnership with the State Library of South Australia and the History Trust of South Australia,


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