BS Belgium: ArtEx!

BS Belgium: ArtEx!

On the 17th October, Blue Shield Belgium participated in a disaster exercise called ArtEx at the Folon Foundation in La Hulpe commune of BrabantWallon.

Blue Shield Belgium was involved in the preparation of the exercise, together with other heritage organisations. The exercise aimed to raise awareness amongst law enforcement agencies and emergency responders about the cultural heritage that is often a victim of natural and human-caused disasters. Fourteen BS NC representatives took part in the event, four of them as evaluators, four as observers, (including a colleague from BS France), and six were BS volunteers from the private and public sectors. 

Subsequently, an agreement was signed between BS Belgium President Gustaaf Janssens and the Provincial Governor of Walloon Brabant, Gilles Mahieu, by which the Blue Shield was designated as the single point of contact for the preservation of heritage in the event of calamities, within Discipline 4 (logistical support and expertise).

You can read more about the agreement on the website of Blue Shield Belgium (in French).

Large white buildings with red roof
La Hulpe (Belgique), home of the Folon Foundation. Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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