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Badly damaged yellow and white painted building with no roof and partly collapsed walls.
Blue Shield Missions

BSI returns to Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine approached its’ first anniversary, the Blue Shield International Secretariat conducted its second exploratory mission to Ukraine from 13

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Embroidered badge for the NATO exercise Steadfast Jackal 2022, held up against a display of national flags
BS International News

BSI support NATO CPP training

NATO Exercise Steadfast Jackal 2022 © BSI Blue Shield International have supported a large number of NATO events, providing cultural property protection support.

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PPT Slide saying "Preparation is fundamental. CPP MUST be a peacetime activity. Must understand responsibilities and obligations before conflict/disaster. Must develop partnerships and trust before conflict/disaster. Trying to develop/only do CPP in conflict/following disaster enormously reduces effectiveness. Must understand the indivisible nature of protecting people and protecting their heritage.
BS International News

“CPP MUST be a peacetime activity”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EreVGnS8l2A On Thursday 20th October Professor Peter Stone, BSI President and UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection (CPP) and Peace was the guest

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