Marking the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction

Marking the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction

Poster saying International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction 2023 with a picture of the University of Tasmania on it

Blue Shield Australia leads action on the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction, 13 October, supporting multiple events:

  • University of Tasmania – Future proofing collections. How can embracing sustainable art and design practices influence future resilience in cultural organisations? This forum considered how sustainability is reshaping art and design practice and what this means for how communities collect and celebrate cultural objects.
  • Blue Shield Australia also hosted a webinar with special guests President IIC and Director of ICS Dr Julian Bickerstaff, President of AICCM Alice Cannon, joined by President of Blue Shield Australia, Dr Mat Trinca and BSA Secretary Ms Linda Byrne. Mat Trinca will reflect on the role of Blue Shield in response to threats to cultural heritage and discuss the Sendai Framework in the context of the Australian season ahead.  Linda Byrne will provide some practical advice on building up your disaster preparedness. Julian Bickersteth will discuss learnings from the Lismore floods and responding to climate change related disasters. Alice Cannon will talk about the AICCM Disaster Preparedness Calendar and resources for disaster preparation, response and recovery.

More information is available on their website.


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