BS France report evidences heritage fire threat

BS France report evidences heritage fire threat

Blue Shield France have launched the 2021-2022 report on cultural heritage damage in France. You can find it in the BbF’s online documentation

  • Here are the key figures:
    87 disasters recorded.
  • 15 more disasters affecting cultural heritage than for the 2019-2020 report (which reported 72 events). This corresponds to a 20% increase in reporting*.  
  • Fires are the majority of the events recorded.
  • Other types of disasters (in particular water damage of technical origin, which
    is very frequent in establishments), is more rarely reported externally.
  • Place of worship have seen the biggest increases in reported disasters.

The report stands as an excellent testament to a cross-sectoral investigation into heritage damage in a country.

You can see examples of many of the disasters they report about on their Facebook Page.

[*This is probably more an indication of progress in census coverage than an increase in the number].
of claims.


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