BS France granted National Civil Protection Accreditation

BS France granted National Civil Protection Accreditation

In a decree dated 2 June 2023, the Ministry of the Interior granted Blue Shield France National Civil Protection Accreditation in recognition of the expertise, skills and operational capabilities of its ORU (emergency response organisation) structure.

Accreditation will enable the BbF perform as a relief actor in the event of a crisis at the request of cultural institutions or at the request of the State (ORSEC).
Far from being an end in itself, Accreditation represents the first milestone in the development of an Operational Reserve capacity for BS France. By 2024, they aim to bring together volunteer members to be trained according to the ProCultHer European Standards to intervene in the event of a disaster threatening cultural property alongside the emergency services.

This could not have been achieved without the commitment, motivation, ideas and enthusiasm of each and every member, who have worked so hard over the years, and which has now been officially recognised. This approval represents a new dynamic for Blue Shield France, which we are excited to continue to develop in the future.

The French Committee has run multiple training courses and workshops for emergency services, working alongside organisations such as IRMA Institute of Natural Hazards, French Federation of Firefighters and the National Joint Flood Commission. Following the flooding in Belgium in 2022, they also provided capacity building support to CCE Jambes (Centre de Conservation et d’étude de biens archéologiques Wallons/ Center for Conservation and Study of the Archeological heritage of Wallonie).

Sincere congratulations to them on this important milestone!

Examples of some of the many training courses , workshops and informational tools developed by Blue Shield France


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