New Project: Rebuilding and Recovery in Ukraine

On 1st May , Blue Shield Germany launched their new Project ‘Recommendations for rebuilding and recovery works in Ukraine with reference to the field of urban heritage protection‘. The project aims to develop recommendations for rebuilding and recovery works in Ukraine with reference to the field of urban heritage protection. The project will look at lessons learnt from transformation processes in East Germany after reunification with a particular focus on measures of urban heritage protection. Current legislation in Ukraine will be examined in order to assess possible ways and necessary changes for implementing urban heritage recovery within future rebuilding programmes. Recommendations will take into account the data obtained by the Blue Shield Germany Ukraine monitoring group, a selection of other publicly available data, as well as existing activities of governmental and non-governmental organisations for documentation and recovery works in Ukraine. As part of a professional network with representatives from other European countries and Ukrainian experts, experiences and information on actual heritage conservation on the ground will be exchanged.

Front facade of a yellow and white building. Sky is visible through the entrance as there is no roof. The Ukrainian flag still flies from a pole by the entrance.
Exterior of Skovoroda Literary Memorial, 23 Jan 23 ©BSI
Badly damaged yellow and white painted building with no roof and partly collapsed walls.
Skovoroda Literary Memorial, 23 Jan 23 ©BSI

Damage to Skorovoda Literary Memorial observed during a recent visit to Ukraine by Blue Shield International.

With a project grant from the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building, Blue Shield Germany is actively supporting the Plattform Wiederaufbau Ukraine (Platform for Rebuilding Ukraine), established by the German government, with conceptual recommendations for future rebuilding programmes for Ukraine. Furthermore, the project will support the conference on rebuilding Ukraine of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building by organising a panel on urban heritage conservation. 

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, a Monitoring group of Blue Shield Germany has collected information on damaged or destroyed immovable cultural property in Ukraine, both through media reports and official reports by the Ukrainian authorities as well as using Blue Shield’s professional network.

We wish them every success in this important work!


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