New Blue Shield in Peru

New Blue Shield in Peru

Event invitation: Building with a blue shield superimposed over the top, the event details and logos including BS Peru
Invitation to the Casa Inca Garcilaso de la Vega ceremony, May 2022

The Peruvian National Committee of the Blue Shield attended the virtual Ceremony of placing the Blue Shield in the Casa Inca Garcilaso de la Vega – the current Regional Historical Museum of Cusco. The building was declared a national historical monument by RSN ° 485-57-ED in 1957.

The activity took place within the framework of the celebration of the “International Month of Museums 2021” of the Ministry of Culture through the General Directorate of Museums.

It was supported by Luis Martín Bogdanovich Mendoza, president of the Peruvian Committee of the Blue Shield; Eduardo Ugarte y Chocano, in charge of the Southern Section of the Peruvian Blue Shield Committee and president of ICOM Peru; Carlos Del Águila, director of the General Directorate of Museums; as well as representatives of the Municipality of Cusco and local authorities.


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