Meeting of the European BS National Committees in Brussels

Meeting of the European BS National Committees in Brussels

Caption: Group of participants to the BS NC meeting standing in front of the European Parliament © Leyla Strobl, Roerich Foundation, 2018

Blue Shield National Committees from Europe gathered together in Brussels on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. During the meeting, hosted and co-organised by the Belgian and Austrian National Committee of Blue Shield, each committee had the chance to deliver a presentation on its activities and current challenges in the field of cultural property protection. The event also contained an address from MEP Daniel Dalton, and the The Blue Shield Appeal to MEP Daniel Dalton and the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT.

The event took place on November 4th -6th, 2018, and was attended by 12 of the 15 European National committees, Blue Shield International, and a number of NGOs.

National committees and NGOs were able to strengthen their networks, and discussed possible ways to help cultural and political institutions in enhancing the efficacy of current cultural protection policies.

To learn more about the meeting, download the full report – Report of the BS Meeting in Brussels.

This report contains the programme, the committee reports, attendees, and the Appeal to the European Parliament.

The meeting concluded with the following request from the organisers.

There are currently 15 national committees of the Blue Shield in Europe and more than 45 countries within the Council of Europe. Every national committee of the Blue Shield in Europe is asked to consider assisting in establishing a new committee in another country according to their existing personal and institutional contacts, as far as they are able. Please, respond to Blue Shield Austria and Blue Shield Belgium by 31 January 2019 to let them know which country you would like to support in building a national Blue Shield committee, so that efforts can be coordinated and organized in correspondence with our International board.

With your help we may reconvene in Brussels in November next year with about 30 committees and in 2020 we would be nearly complete.

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schipper
Austrian National Committee of the Blue Shield
c/o Austrian Commission for UNESCO
Universitaetsstrasse 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria //
Blueshield Austria <>

If you have not done so yet, we also ask you to send us the list of your board members so that we know who are our colleagues that we are working with Europe-wide.

BS Austria have created an Excel form to complete to list Board members and return it to them: Download the Excel File: European BLUE SHIELD committees.

Visit the webpage of Blue Shield Austria

Visit the webpage of Blue Shield Belgium, where full committee reports will shortly be hosted

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