Coping with Culture 2022 Workshop: Registration Open

Coping with Culture 2022 Workshop: Registration Open

Coping with Culture 2018, in Vienna. A group of armed forces personnel and heritage professionals attend the BSI CPP workshop, visiting the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Vienna © Blue Shield International, 2018

Coping with Culture

October 5 – 7, 2022, The Hague

Registration Open

Registration is now open for Coping with Culture 2022.

The Command and Staff College of the German Armed Forces (host), Engagement Global, together with Blue Shield International are pleased to invite you to this year’s conference “Coping with Culture”, which will take place from 5 to 7 October 2022 at the Civil-Military Cooperation Center of Excellence, in The Hague. We look forward to an interesting exchange on the broad field of intercultural education in both military and civilian settings.

Blue Shield International and partners will be running a workshop.  Our workshop is intended to be highly practical, developing delegates ability to plan in order to protect cultural property in the event of armed conflict. The workshop is open to heritage professionals and armed forces, and is intended to develop civil-military relations in the field of cultural property protection, encouraging closer working relationships to lead to better CPP in armed conflicts.

Workshop 3: Including mapped and unmapped heritage in military planning: navigating the landscape

Dr. Emma Cunliffe and Dr Emma Cunliffe, Blue Shield International and Newcastle University, UK, and partners

This workshop will be facilitated by a team of cultural property protection specialists who will assist participating delegates develop their ability to consider and include mapped and unmapped heritage of international, national and local significance in military planning in the event of armed conflict. It is designed to provide an exercise environment in which both military and civilian practitioners can work collaboratively towards this aim.

It will take advantage of the evolving doctrinal thinking in western armed forces, exercise experience over the previous four years, as well as civilian best practice. Delegates attending this workshop will have the opportunity to give presentations on the following topics:

  • Unrecognised heritage in targeting and planning
  • Identifying heritage – consultations with local people (civil and military)
  • How much heritage is too much – issues of practicality in military planning

They will then work in small syndicates, each of which will be presented with a conflict scenario and assigned the task of planning a logistics route through a cultural landscape containing mapped and unmapped heritage. Delegates will explore the difficulties inherent in navigating heritage of varying significance to different communities of interest and the operational imperatives that underpin military planning.

For more information on the workshop contact:

Practical Information

Please find the official leaflet with the invitation for Coping with Culture 2022 attached. To register for Coping with Culture 2022, please return the completed sheet via e-mail or send an email with the required information to until 31 August 2022. Make sure you also indicate the workshops you are most interested in (see leaflet: first choice / second choice / third choice).

Below you will find some additional information about the conference fee, accommodation and meals during the conference.

Conference fee:
The conference fee of 100 € is to be paid on site in cash (no CC/EC possible). The services included in the fee are:

  • Conference package (coffee, drinks, sweets and fruit during the conference).
  • Ice-Breaker Event on the first evening (including small snacks and a free drink)
  • Social event on the second evening (dinner with a three-course buffet)

There are 37 rooms available in the Majoor Jan Linzel Complex (the building of the Centre of Excellence for Civil-Military Cooperation). Accommodation is free of charge, i.e. “first come, first  take”  or more familiar: “the early bird catches the worm” 😉 ). Once these capacities are exhausted, we have an option for 30 more rooms at the Campanile Hotel. The rooms will be reserved for Coping with Culture participants. However, the rooms must be booked and paid for by the participants themselves.


  • Room €79,00 p.r.p.n.
  • City tax €3,05 p.r.p.n.
  • Breakfast €10,00 p.r.p.n.

The Campanile Hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the Majoor Jan Linzel complex.

The cafeteria of the Majoor Jan Linzel Complex is prepared to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to Coping with Culture participants. Meals are not included in the conference fee and can be taken for a fee (except for dinner during the social event). If you intend to attend meals at the Majoor Jan Linzel Complex, please make sure to let us know your special requests (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) so that we can communicate them to the cafeteria (see leaflet).

We would be happy to welcome you at Coping with Culture 2022.

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