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Former BS Ireland Chair, Lar Joye gave a presentation on the role of Blue Shield and the work of the committee in Ireland at ‘All the Remained’, part of the Out of the Ashes lecture series. © Blue Shield Ireland

The Irish committee are indebted to the work of previous committee members, (2012-2020) Lar Joye, Cathy Daly, Deirdre McDermott and Kasandra O’Connell for their hard work to ensure that the key objective of the committee was achieved in 2018. A special note of acknowledgement should go to Lar Joye who as Chair of the committee was unfailing in his drive and dedication.

At his last public event as chair, Lar gave a presentation on the role of Blue Shield and the work of the committee in Ireland, at ‘All the Remained’. This was part of the Out of the Ashes lecture series, which in its second year considers the deliberate targeting of cultural heritage as a means to control social memory and to erase identities. This event on the Four Courts Blaze of 1922 included a panel discussion with Catriona Crowe MRIA, Former Senior Archivist, National Archives of Ireland and Zoë Reid, Senior Conservator, National Archives of Ireland.

The current committee comprises of:
ICA – Zoë Reid (Chair) and Daniel Ayiotis
ICOMOS Ireland – Helena Bergin and Fergus McCormick
IFLA – Elizabethanne Boran (Secretary)
ICOM Ireland – tbc
CPP/ World Heritage Expert- Patrizia La Piscopia

The new committee is now focusing on the continued promotion of Blue Shield, through public events introducing Blue Shield to the public and the wider heritage audience and specific training events. During 2020, keys aims are:

  • Heritage Week 2020 – 17th August, an INCBS event marking two years since the ratification by Ireland of the 1954 Hague convention.
  • A dedicated INCBS website.
  • A short training course held outside of Dublin.

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