IDRIM 2019 Side event on Cultural Heritage Risk Management by Blue-Shield France

IDRIM 2019 Side event on Cultural Heritage Risk Management, organised by Blue Shield France
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nice, October 18th 2019

Report by by Blue Shield France

Last October, IDRIM2019 – a major international conference supported by UNESCO – was held in Nice by the IDRIM Society (International Society for Integrated Risk Management) and AFPCN (Association Française de Prevention des Catastrophes Naturelles), two organisations engaged in risk management. As an AFPCN partner, Blue Shield France could not miss the opportunity to offer a session related to its most important missions:

  • Preservation of cultural heritage,
  • Awareness of risk management,
  • Cooperation between civil security defence specialists and heritage professionals,
  • Training,
  • Promotion of good practices and
  • Protection in the event of major disasters.

Our workshop focused on risk assessment, disaster prevention and preparedness:

Nice and the Mediterranean arch are particularly at risk, (earthquakes, flooding, tsunami, fires, hurricanes) so we introduced our program with a Presentation of the different risks threatening the region.

The following part was dedicated to The Emergency Plan as a key element to protect a cultural institution (with 3 presentations about Nice museums) and 2 operational analyses.

  • From emergency planning to global risk and disaster management: the necessary operational networking of all stakeholders. Development of a Cultural Heritage Safeguarding Plan: How to overcome some difficulties: Flood Resilient Museums Project developed by A.V.E.C and IPGR.
  • Cooperation in operational risk management. What type of operational network to build within the community ? What training should you offer? Feedback/

The full program and speakers are available on

The past year has seen major disasters in France and all over the world impacting our cultural heritage (Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, Rio Natural History Museum, Cocteau Museum in Menton, etc., floods in the south of France ). These sad events remind us of the importance of Awareness and Prevention in all cultural heritage institutions and sites. We hope that this workshop will help, and we suggest that it could be interesting to organize a larger event at an European level.

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Visit the website of the IDRIM Society (International Society for Integrated Risk Management)

Visit the website of the AFPCN (Association Française de Prevention des Catastrophes Naturelles)

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