Georgian Conference: “Cultural Heritage in Occupied Territories”

Georgian Conference: “Cultural Heritage in Occupied Territories”

Caption: BS Georgia’s President, Manana Tevzadze, speaking about threats to Georgian heritage at Cultural Heritage on Occupied Territories” held in Tbilisi, Georgia, Dec 2018. © M, Tevzadze, Blue Shield Georgia, 2018.

On December 3rd. 2018, the Georgian National Museum hosted a scientific conference “Cultural Heritage on Occupied Territories”. The conference was not limited to scientists and experts, but was also attended by government officials from the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic and the Administration of South Ossetia.

The Conference discussed the current state of cultural heritage in Georgia’s occupied territories and the challenges faced in the process of preserving this heritage. Even the scarce resources available to the presenters was enough to illustrate that cultural heritage in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region is in a very poor state of conservation. In order to safeguard it, the Georgian side should use every means of communication and all platforms available to them both inside and outside the country. The challenges faced at the international level were discussed by the chairperson of the Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield, Ms. Manana Tevzadze, in her presentation titled: “Preservation of Cultural Heritage on Occupied Territories: Hague Convention and the Case of Georgia”.

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