The first international conference of the International Committee of the Blue Shield was held in Seoul, Korea, in December 2011. The theme was “Protecting the World’s Cultural Heritage in Times of Change: Emergency Preparedness and Response”. The conference was hosted by the National Museum of Korea.

(View the Seoul 2011 conference programme).

The conference objectives were:

  • To raise public awareness of the significance, scale and topicality of the issue of the preservation of cultural heritage in emergency situations;
  • To outline key challenges, areas of thinking, governmental, civil and professional strategies and techniques for heritage preservation in the near future;
  • To improve local, national, regional and international policies, laws and cross-sectorial cooperation in this area;
  • To encourage the improvement of scientific and techniques activities by cultural, scientific, educational and military institutions;
  • To find and promote best practices in the above fields.

The conference led to the adoption of the 2011 Seoul Declaration on the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Emergency Situations.