Dr Paul Fox attends the CPP Summer School at Danube University, Krems

This one week international Summer University took place as part of ProteCHt2save. Students and experts worked to develop the ideal model of a Cultural Heritage Rescue Team (CHRT). Working groups developed prototypes and training inputs for CHRTs, and prepared emergency plans for parts of the Benedictine Monastery of Melk and planned the emergency evacuation of the most important pieces of the Benedictine collections, participating in the evacuation scenario as part of the military training scenario KOLOMANI18, conducted in the same week by the Territorial Military Command of Lower Austria.

Dr Fox acted as a syndicate leader for one of the three syndicates, and spoke about CH safeguarding operations: Best practice for safeguarding cultural heritage endangered by a severe weather event in a variety of scenarios, and worked with attendees to help them prepare for the exercises.

Photo: Evacuation exercise, practicing evacuation monastic collections into a truck marked with blue shield in the event of a severe weather incident, Danube University summer school, September 2018.
© A. Kaiser

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