Group of people with blue jackets recalling the colour of the Blue Shield emblem working with fire brigade to decide how to preserve objects displayed on tables

Trainees in action during one of the exercises carried out during the 3-day workshop in France @French Committee of the Blue Shield, 2018.

The section Pyrénées-Garonne-Méditérannée (PyGarMed) of the French Committee of the Blue Shield, covering the South-West of France, organised a 3-day exercise (15-17 October 2018) simulating damage to museums’ collections. The event was organised in partnership with the Service départemental d’incendie et de secours (SDIS) of l’Ariège.
The section installed a fake collection in an industrial building loaned by its owner and, with the county fire brigade, several types of exercises were organised:

  • collections burnt and impact of varied types of extinguishers;
  • evacuation of collections by the Fire Brigade, with rescue of damaged documents by our trainees;
  • simulation of flooding, with post-evacuation carried out by teams comprising both fire guards and members of the Blue Shield.

A short film of the exercise is available on YouTube.

group of men and women, disposed in two parallel rows, are posing in front of a camera wearing a light-blue jacket.

Attendees to the 3-day exercise @French Committee of the Blue Shield, 2018.

For more information about the event, visit the blog on the French Committee of the Blue Shield website.