CPP in CIMIC Key Leader Conference 2023

CPP in CIMIC Key Leader Conference 2023

Peter Stone, President of the Blue Shield gave one of the opening, contextualising, presentations at NATO’s Integrated Allied Command Operations CIMIC Key Leader Conference in The Hague on Cultural Property Protection (CPP) as part of the development of NATO’s Human Security agenda. 20 participants attended the event at the CCOE (Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence).

In NATO, Human Security comprises the five areas of Combatting trafficking in human beings; Children and armed conflict; Conflict-related sexual violence; Protection of civilians; and Protecting cultural property. All of these now have their own Alliance-wide Policies except for CPP, although it is hoped that this will be rectified within the next year.

The event follows on form the multi-year Action Plan signed between BSI and NATO SHAPE J9 earlier this year and the Letter of Intent between the two organisations. The Plan establishes that Blue Shield will provide consultative support and expertise to help NATO’s progressive incorporation of CPP into its military planning and operations.

Man stands at podium with a blue shield logo on the presentation screen behind him
Stone presents at NATO’s Integrated ACO CIMIC Key Leader Conference. © CIMIC CoE 2023

It was a fascinating event where senior leaders from across NATO came together to discuss the Alliance’s Human Security initiative, and a chance to highlight the importance of cultural property in military operations.

NATO is the first multi-national regional alliance to develop its response to CPP in this way. Blue Shield International looks forward to working with other similar organisations globally as the importance and value of cultural property to military operations is acknowledged more widely.


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