9 men stood together

Founding of provisional Malian Blue Shield National Committee at the National Museum of Bamako, Mali, 16 January 2020 © Blue Shield Mali, 2020

On 16 January, 2020, at 3:20 p.m. at the National Museum of Mali in Bamako, representatives met to establish a provisional Blue Shield Committee. Congratulations!

In addition to the National Museum, representatives at the event included, ICOMOS, ICOM, the archives directorate, the national library, the army museum, the national museum, the directorate of national cultural heritage, and the Cultural Mission of Gao. The provisional committee has seven members and is chaired by Mamadou Samaké. They aim to work together to establish a national committee of the Blue Shield in Mali, including the statutes and internal regulations of the committee, the objectives and the action plan.

Blue Shield International is delighted by the news. We wish them every success, and look forward to supporting them as they created a National Committee of the Blue Shield in Mali.

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