BSI Supports MPSOTC/OSCE CPP Pilot Course

BSI Supports MPSOTC/OSCE CPP Pilot Course

Course photo from the MPSOTC website.

In his first activity as President, Peter Stone supported the Greek MPSOTC / Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe pilot Cultural Property Protection course.

The course, which took place online over one week, aimed to provide the participants with knowledge and practical skills to be capable to address Cultural Property Protection, and enhance existing knowledge and skills.

Learning Topics included:

– Legal framework governing CPP

– Responsibilities of Armed Forces and Non-State Actors across the spectrum of armed conflict

– Criminological Aspects in Illicit Trade of Cultural Property

– Contribution of OSCE, UNODC and Interpol to CPP

– Role of GOs, NGOs and IOs in CPP

– Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessment for CPP in Operational Environment

– Data Collection and Risk Assessment

– Peacekeeping/support mission in the CPP operational context

– Internet and Dark Web

– Education in CPP Topics

– Responding in the event of evidence of ongoing or recent damage or destruction to cultural property

– INTERPOL – Stolen Works of Art Database

– Proposing Best Practices for Cultural Property Protection and Combating Trafficking in CPP

The course was organised by the Greek Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center (MPSTOC), together with the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

MPSOTC provides provide academic and field training to national and multinational personnel in accordance with the most current international accepted standards regarding NATO, UN, EU and OSCE. They additionally support the pre-deployment, mission-specific training of National contingents, Staff Elements and Military Observers, which are tasked to participate in PSOs, prior to their mission assignment.

The OSCE works for stability, peace and democracy for more than a billion people, through political dialogue about shared values and through practical work that contributes to sustainable progress. The OSCE’s comprehensive concept of security covers the politico-military; the economic and environmental; and the human dimensions.

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