BSI support to DORR 2019

BSI support to DORR 2019

Discussion of the CPP Estimate Process for use in Exercise Double River (DORR19), with NATO Multinational CIMIC Group, March 2019. © BSI, March 2019

Exercise DORR 19 was a multi-level Deployable Forces (DF) exercise that aimed to train the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) as a deployed CIMIC group. The command post exercise focused on both planning and deployment from 18 – 22 March 2019, at Motta di Livenza.

Dr Paul Fox attended to provide support to the MNCG in exercising cultural property protection, one of NATOs Cross Cutting Themes, in a fictional museum and archive. The MN CIMIC Group has a significant role to play in assessing the extent to which a host nation’s civil infrastructure – including its cultural heritage – continues to exist, and to function, during all phases of an operation. DORR19 demonstrated the need for a staff planning tool (CPP Estimate) in order that planning at all levels can factor proactive cultural property protection into the wider Operational Planning Process. Collective training must always be based on a solid individual training platform spanning both civilian (heritage) and military stakeholders, and where necessary, subject matter experts must be employed for training and support.

Blue Shield attended in its capacity as an NGO, alongside UNESCO, UNICEF, and Save the Children.

More information on the exercise is available on the MNCG website.

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