BSI speaking at Maxwell Air Force Base

BSI speaking at Maxwell Air Force Base

Air University’s Air Force Culture and Language Center hosted the fourth Annual Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Symposium on March 27 – 29. More than 300 attendees joined the event: this year’s theme was ‘inter(culture) operability: how to enhance alliances and engage with new partners’.

Dr Paul Fox from Blue Shield International was formally invited to join the symposium as one of the keynote speakers.

His presentation focused on the importance of using the Cultural Property Protection Estimate during armed conflicts. The CPP Estimate, developed by Dr Fox, represents a risk assessment based approach (building on NATO doctrine) to help armed forces work with heritage communities to structure their thinking around CPP. As such, the Estimate can be adopted as an interoperability planning tool.

The symposium was attended by international speakers and global experts, enabling participants to make contacts and share ideas with academics and practitioners from diverse organizations.

The next symposium theme will be ‘Hindsight 2020’ and will focus on how lessons learnt from the past can be used to improve the future.

Read more about the symposium on the Maxwell Air Force Base website.

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