BSI President calls for climate change action at COP26

BSI President calls for climate change action at COP26

On the occasion of COP-26, Blue Shield International expresses grave concern for the lives and cultures of communities around the globe due to the effects of climate change, and calls upon world leaders to take action:

The world’s leaders must take immediate decisive action at the COP26 meetings in Glasgow this week. Our species faces an unprecedented threat to its survival and the survival of the habitats of those other species we rely upon for our survival and with whom we co-exist. Individual actions cannot make the required impact. World leaders and Governments must take dramatic action now. Coastal communities have already had to leave their homes and land in the P+acific and whole islands are threatened, along with the languages, customs, and culture of whole societies. The rest of the world faces the same stark reality through climate related disasters. We are on the brink of losing countless cultures and ways of life. But world leaders continue to fail us at every turn.

Professor Peter G Stone, OBE FSA MCIfA, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace at Newcastle University, and President, The Blue Shield.

See how the German, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey and other Blue Shield National Committees supported the emergency response efforts of public services, governmental and private organisations and volunteers following the devastating floods that swept across Europe earlier this year. You can read their reports on our website.

Disaster response throughout the summer

September 1, 2021

Vicar of St Odilienberg on his way to check damages. © Geert van Helden (Instagram)

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