BSI: 2023 – A Year in Review

BSI: 2023 – A Year in Review

We are excited to share our Annual Review of 2023 with you!

Professor Peter Stone, President of the Blue Shield Movement, takes a look back over the challenges and achievements of the last year. 

“People in crisis are at the heart of the work of the Blue Shield Movement – it is people who create and use heritage, who define it, and who are defined by it. As the devastating conflicts and disasters around the world continue to impact them, the Blue Shield Movement knows you can’t protect people without protecting their heritage.

The focus here is on the work of Blue Shield International, but an enormous amount of work is done by our 31 national committees around the world, most of which are entirely voluntary. They are extremely active in their countries and are BSI’s partners on the ground”.


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 The previous year’s reports are released in the summer after the General Assembly.

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