BS UK support CPP conference

BS UK support CPP conference

UK Blue shield supported Newcastle Law School in organising the conference: Protecting Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict and Situations of Forcible Displacement: An (Emerging) Human Right? on 1-2 March 2019.

The conference explored the concept of cultural heritage and how this is protected in situations of armed conflict and forcible displacement from a socio-legal perspective. It provided a platform for inquiry and debate on the significance of cultural heritage for individuals and the ramifications that armed conflict and forcible displacement have on their ties with home, language and cultural identity. Importantly, the conference considered whether the protection of cultural heritage has evolved as an individual human right as well as how cultural heritage can advance the protection of fundamental human rights more broadly, especially in the situations under consideration.

Professor Peter Stone, Vice President of BSI and Chair of Blue Shield United Kingdom gave the opening talk on “The protection of cultural property during armed conflict: 21st century reaction to an age old problem

Dr Emma Cunliffe spoke on behalf of BS UK on “Cultural property and cultural heritage: legal definitions to field practice“, and Fionnuala Rogers also spoke on behalf of BS UK on “Examining the 1954 Hague Convention: Failure to implement or failure to integrate?

Visit the conference website to view the programme and abstracts

To learn more about cultural property protection law and human rights, visit our Law Library

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