BS Poland discussing on damage to heritage and identity loss

Leaflet of the conference ‘Destroying and saving the cultural heritage and their impact on social identity’ © Poland Blue Shield, 2019

The conference ‘Destroying and saving the cultural heritage and their impact on social identity‘, co-organised by the Polish committee of the Blue Shield, will take place at the Museum of the Second World War on June 12, 2019 in Gdansk (Poland).

The conference is an event accompanying the temporary exhibition ‘Lost Heritage‘, which tells the story of Polish cultural heritage during the Second World War. Its structure is based on the same keywords that formed the foundation of the exhibition. The main goal is to approximate the phenomena of ‘destroying’ and ‘saving’ heritage, from the perspective of the present and future. The second goal is to develop the themes discussed at the exhibition, which talk about the impact of World War II on the cultural heritage and identity of Polish society – today, ‘here and now’.

The Polish Committee of the Blue Shield, the co-organizer of the conference, has been carrying out a number of tasks for the safety of collections for many years. Krzysztof Sałaciński, the President of the Polish Committee of the Blue Shield is also one of the conference’s speakers. He will be talking about the lost heritage, saved heritage, and world, regional and national projects. Sałaciński, believes that: “The destruction of culture is still valid, it takes place as a result of natural disasters and the armed conflicts that are under way before our eyes. Adequate security and preparation of services responsible for saving monuments can prevent their loss. Exchange of expert knowledge, sharing good practices and supporting international initiatives are needed.”

The event is addressed to everyone interested in broadly understood heritology, in particular to museologists and researchers, who deal with the subject of heritage protection in their research.

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