BS Netherlands tool for protecting heritage in crisis

The Dutch Committee of the Blue Shield is working together with the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO and the Cultural Heritage Agency in developing a tool to help cultural heritage institutions in the country during large(r) scale crises such as wildfire, terrorism and flooding. The project aims to answer questions such as: what do you need to prepared to deal with such crises, how do you connect with existing emergency services, the municipality and government bodies, who are your partners, what can they do and what can and must you do yourself?

The realisation of this tool will provide an invaluable instrument for heritage professionals in the country to deal with possible crises by guiding to the adoption of efficient and proactive emergency measures.

Blue Shield would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate Jesper de Raad, graduated from Leiden University in Heritage management in a World Context (Faculty of Archaeology), for having been appointed as a representative of ICOMOS in the Dutch Committee of the Blue Shield.

Learn more about the activity of the Dutch Committee of the Blue Shield by visiting their website.

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