BS Committees support Ukraine

BS Committees support Ukraine

Blue Shield Denmark released a statement on 31st March detailing their efforts to help protect Ukrainian cultural heritage. Through cooperation with conservation and museum colleagues in Ukraine, financial assistance and shipments of conservation equipment have been provided. Read more about BS Denmark’s support for Ukraine on their website.

To show their support for Ukraine, BS France has posted BSI’s statement on CPP in Ukraine on their website as did BS Belgium – and has provided links to the statements of UNESCO, ICOMOS, ICOM and ICA. Information on how to send conservation materials, assist Ukrainian museum professionals and financially support ICOM Poland is also available on their website.

Blue Shield Germany has partnered with the German Archaeological Institute, the SiLK, and the German Society for the Protection of Cultural Property to support a fundraising campaign for the protection of Ukrainian cultural property. Information on how to donate is available on their website. The monitoring group of BS Germany has also joined the Open Science Lab of the Leibniz Information Centre for Technology and Natural Sciences (TIB) to develop a digital infrastructure that enables the documentation and assessment of the damage to Ukrainian cultural property. Read more about the initiative on their website.

BS Georgia is also fundraising to save Ukrainian cultural heritage – details on how to donate are provided on their Facebook page.

Blue Shield Norway released a press statement on 15th March discussing the war in Ukraine and the need to protect Ukrainian cultural heritage, with links to BSI’s statement on CPP in Ukraine and the President’s letter to the Russian authorities provided. A further statement by the Deputy Chairman of the Norwegian Committee, Axel Mykleby, emphasises how the war in Ukraine is a wake-up call for CPP in Norway. These are available on BS Norway’s website.

The Czechia National Committee are also working to send donations of material.

BS Poland and Ukraine are heavily involved in supporting Ukraine – you can find more on their work in these articles:

Blue Shield help Ukraine protect cultural property (April 1) and (April 26) and (August 22)


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