BS Committee News – Australia, France and Georgia

BS Committee News – Australia, France and Georgia

  • Blue Shield Australia – Kathryn Dan and Catherine Robinson are the Australian Society of Archivists’ (ASA) representatives on the Blue Shield Australia (BSA) committee. From July 2021, ASA will take over the Secretariat of BSA for two years, with Kathryn Dan becoming the BSA Chair. As a preparation for this handover, Katheryn and Catherine took part in an online Q and A discussion about BSA organised by ASA on the 22nd April.
  • Blue Shield France – As part of the national plan for the assessment and management of flood risks, Blue Shield France President, Jocelyne Deschaux was asked by the Préfet of the Occitanie region to join a new Flood Commission reviewing progress in the Bassin Adour-Garonne for the study ‘Managment of Flood Risks 2022-2227. More details (in French) here.
  • Georgian Committee of the Blue Shield shared a film they commissioned to celebrate International Day of World Monuments and Sites on the 18th April. The film was part of their project ‘Conservation of Modernist Architecture and its Sustainable Use in Georgia’ which was supported the Getty Foundation. The focus of the film is the Tbilisi Chess Palace and Alpine Club. You can see the film here.

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