Blue Shields Iceland and Netherlands Lecture Series

Blue Shields Iceland and Netherlands Lecture Series

Participants @ Blue Shield Iceland

On Wednesday 13th of October, Blue Shield Iceland began a lecture series in Stykkishólmur, involving several members of Blue Shield Iceland.Nathalie Jacqueminet, a member of Blue Shield Iceland, held a talk on ‘Protecting cultural heritage in museums and other cultural institutions in Iceland. What can we do?’. Ágústa Kristófersdóttir’s lecture was entitled ‘What is wow?’. The event also welcomed Angela Dellebeke, Secretary General of Blue Shield Netherlands, who spoke on ‘How to identify risks within/around your institution, measure to take: crisis team, working with fire brigade, police etc.’.The event was held in collaboration with the Association of Icelandic Museums and collectors.

Many thanks to Blue Shield Iceland and Netherlands for supporting such an interesting event in collaboration.


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