Blue Shield UK holds Panel Discussion

Blue Shield UK holds Panel Discussion


On the 13th of October, the Blue Shield UK joined with the British Army Cultural Property Protection Unit to hold a panel discussion entitled ‘What is Cultural Property Protection?’ to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Blue Shield.

The last thirty years have seen a continual increase in cultural property protection, following the wars of Yugoslav succession in the 1990s, and the ensuing creation of the 1999 Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict.

A decade of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa has resulted in a new wave of ratifications for this important piece of legislation and its uptake into various civil and military agendas. Cultural property protection is now recognised as part of, or discussed in relation to, the laws of armed conflict, human security and the protection of civilians, peace and security, prevention of terrorist financing, international relations, and the responsibility to protect, amongst others.

Yet, a recent Report by Blue Shield International and the Nordic Center for Cultural Heritage and Armed Conflict noted: “The concept of CPP is unclear and varies across organizations and expert communities. This confusion of ends, means and relevant authorities stands as a key barrier for setting priorities and allocating resources.”

This panel asks what – in all these areas – does CPP mean, and what does it look like? What are the differences and what makes it unique? Are some aspects more relevant than others, and why? Is it one thing to all people, or has the field now advanced to the point where “cultural property protection” is no longer a catch all term, but one which must be defined in the contexts in which it is used?

Join key leaders in cultural property protection to explore what it means to them in their work today.

The panel included a variety of names from Blue Shield, partners of Blue Shield and the British Army. Speakers included:

  • Cpt Jessica Wheway, British Army
  • Commander Roger Curtis, Cultural Property Protection Unit, UK
  • Captain Timothee Le Berre, French Army Heritage
  • Dr Michael Delacruz, Blue Shield International
  • Stephen Stenning, British Council
  • Harriet Hoffler, International Cultural Protection

If you missed the event, please follow the link to watch the recorded event.

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