Blue Shield Argentina partner of the Programme ‘Motivados per la Historia’

Blue Shield Argentina partner of the Programme ‘Motivados per la Historia’

Cast of the TV programme ‘Motivados por la Historia’ taking a picture in front of the blue shield emblem @Argentinian Committee of the Blue Shield, 2017.

On February 2017, a group of young people from Cuyo, with the support of historians and the Google Street View team, undertook a journey to re-live the crossing of the Andes.

The crossing of the Andes, which historically took place from January to February 1817, marked a turning point in the Argentine and Chilean wars for independence. Thanks to the strategy advised by General Jose de San Martin, an army composed of Argentine soldiers and Chilean exiles entered Santiago of Chile and attacked Spanish forces, taking them by surprise. For this initiative, which led to the end of Spanish rule in Chile’s liberation from the Spanish rule, José de San Martín is now considered a national hero of Argentina and one of the Liberators of Spanish South America.

For the reliving of the crossing, UNESCO commissioned the team to mark out the route taken by San Martín with the Blue Shield that offers protection in the event of armed conflict. A TV programme, ‘Motivados per la Historia’, was produced by the Argentine Committee of the Blue Shield, in partnership with the Argentinian National TV, the Ministry of Defence and Google about the project.

Each of the 8 chapters of the programme can be watched in Spanish on YouTube. A trailer with subtitles in English is also available on VIMEO.

The display of the Blue Shield emblem during the crossing of the Andes represents the 14th heritage site marked in Argentina during the year 2017-2018.

Cast of the TV programme ‘Motivados por la Historia’, @Argentinian Committee of the Blue Shield, 2017.

Read more about the programme on the Motivados por la historia Fb page (Spanish)

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